Ugo Sanchez Jr

Rio Boom Boom

Ugo Sanchez Jr.  puts on stage his 10-year performance experience, playing the part of a cheeky clown. He renders his audience, at first, powerless and, then, protagonist as he draws them into the scenes of his own bizarre imagination.
Using a wordless universal language, his character distinguishes himself for his elegant extravaganza and his caustic and absurd determination, becoming the "master jester" of that stage.
In this space, in HIS space, he can do whatever he wants: he can challenge, play, provoke, joke, captivate, entertain, strike or hum to you. Just like it happens in real life, tragedy and comedy live together in this irrational world. This cheeky clown mirrors the ridiculous contradictions of our society.
Rio Boom Boom is like media hype, just like a catchy tune which turns into an earworm: no matter how hard you try, you just can’t stop singing it to yourself.

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