Ugo Sanchez Jr

Giuseppe Van Mozart

Guido Nardin

Created and staged
Guido Nardin

with Ugo Sanchez Jr. and Carlomoreno Volpini

Arrangements and original music
Carlomoreno Volpini

Sound director
Mauro Forte

Antonello Tofani

Shooting and editing
Andrea Sabini and Andrea Pacini

An extraordinary performance comprising both some of the greatest pieces of classical music and original, action-oriented pieces, specifically composed so as to constantly interact with clown Ugo Sanchez jr, who, once again, is back in the game, while focusing on his main goals: to play and amaze.

A new challenge awaits Ugo Sanchez jr: used to working individually, he has decided to make room for his creative imagination by sharing his nonsensical games and involving music director Carlomoreno Volpini, who has enthusiastically welcomed this bizarre project, admirably plunging himself into a context partly known to him.

While constantly switching roles, the conductor and Ugo will generate relationships out of complicity, envy, empathy, creating a continuous synergy between the different clownish and the music.

Along with the two protagonists, we find a "prime" instrument: an orchestra composed by 15 professional musicians, which both keeps the symphonic colour and ensure immensely expressive adaptability.

Video Promo

Bizet, Carmen – Overture