Ugo Sanchez Jr

Alter Ugo
The Clown 2.0

Direction: Luca Domenicali
Physical computing, software and sensors: Tommaso Rosati and Marco Politano
Sound direction: Mauro Forte

With an exaggerated crest and protruding moustache of the contemporary clownerie hides (but not too well!) the comedy of Guido Nardin, in art UGO, tireless innovator and experimenter of  comic languages.

In his new show Ugo mixes technology and art comedy,  physical gags and surreal gags, irresistible provocation and scattered sweetness using music as a common, captivating, sweeping denominator having laughter and surprise as objectives. 

Alter Ugo is a typical Italian "character" , a bit seducer a bit sloven full of innovative energy and a true master of the Italian art of "getting by".

And in virtue of this Italianism all the way to the very tip of his shoes, the concert playlist goes from Hawaiian music to Elton John from Beethoven to Roger Rabbit through Manu Chao and the Talking Heads and find its most exciting moments in an exhilarating collective version of the most Italian song of songs, "Volare" , with the fascinating swing of Paolo Conte.

For a few years now Guido Nardin has been part of the Slava Polunin Company considered to having one of the best clowns in the world and creator of the Slava Snow, a show which is reaping incredible success all over the world. 

In this new production Guido Nardin collaborates with Luca Domenicali who for years with Microband has  been the protagonist of Italian comedy in Europe and with MagicMic, the brilliant platform with the sensors and heart of Arduino who through physical computing is able to astound the public with his incredible musical and interactive value.

Gallery (foto di Serena Gallorini)