Ugo Sanchez Jr


Directed by Luca Regina
music by Mr. Banana
performed live by Giovanni Favuzza

Freely inspired by Gian Burrasca, naughty and irreverent character of the Italian literature, this clowning show brings to the stage Ugo Sanchez Jr. struggling with the school world.
Ugo manages to have fun at school taking some free time for himself: a snack break, a free hour without a teacher, the five minutes before the bell, all these moments of waiting become for him the occasion to play with friends, brush up on the homework of the day, or pursue a nice classmate.
Gian Burrasca has become, in the Italian language, the name of the rascal boy par excellence. Ugo, following in his footsteps, wants to become the universal symbol, the naughty kid par excellence.
The show combines comedy and music in an explosion of absurdity, inventions, jokes, games and anything else that steps to the head of Ugo, everything making sense from a child point of view.
The typical innocence of childhood, a key element common to both kids and clowns, becomes the spring of the mad fun of Ugo, that simply playing his game could cause damages and mess up the stage without realizing it.



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