Ugo Sanchez Jr

Guido Nardin

When I was 10 I went to a show with my school classmates, and an actor called me on stage. From up there, I discovered a new world, and when I descended back at 'ground level' I thought: "this is exactly what I want to do when I grow up!".
In the meantime I graduated as a Tourism Expert, and once I left the school desk, I flew around the world to work as Animator and Tourism Assistant. But my interest in theatre increased. I made Milan my personal Wonderland, where I could come up through the ranks, and devote myself to artistic training. Acting, mime, singing, tap dancing, juggling, balancing acts, and acrobatics helped me to find my natural form of communication: the clown.
My masters were: Pierre Byland, Mareike Schnitker, Donald Duck, Claudia Contin, Ferruccio Merisi, Leo Bassi, Paolo Nani, Luca Stetur, Andrè Casaca, Joseph Marmsoler, Sigrid Federspiel, and Archimedes.
I realized my desire, but my passion for show and music continues to grow. Now I enjoy strumming and disassembling my ukulele to create new musical instruments.

"That is 50% true, the remaining 50% is imagination. But imagination, too, is real."